Flourish Curtain | Hand Made Cotton

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Short Description: 

  • Color -Multi-color
  • Size : 120 cm X 200 Cm
  • Material : 100% Cotton / No lining
  • Beautiful Design
  • Comes with loop
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

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Wash Care Instructions :

    • Do not bleach or wash with chlorine based detergent/water; use a mild detergent in moderate quantity instead
    • Do not iron on stitches, seams, trims or embellishments as high temperatures may cause them to open
    • Do not soak for more than 20-30 minutes; prolonged soaking may lead to colour loss, eventually weakening the fabric
    • Do not wring
    • Do not use hard brushes during hand wash as they may damage the prints
    • Do not leave the iron on at one place for too long; especially at the neck rib where the elastane may break and loosen the rib
    • Do not iron directly on prints (in case of printed products)
    • Machine wash cold
    • Wash/dry inside out
    • Fabric subject to initial colour loss; hence wash separately
    • Tumble dry low
    • Warm iron needed.
    • Dry promptly in shade; preferably on a flat surface as hanging may cause measurement variations

Maintenance : 

  • Keep your curtains in good shape between washings with the following steps.
  • Weekly: Before cleaning a room, give the curtains a good shake to dislodge dust. Wait 10 minutes for the dust to settle before dusting furniture and vacuuming the floor.
  • Monthly: Once a month use the dust brush attachment on your vacuum to clean curtains from top to bottom, paying extra attention to the top 5 inches where the majority of dust accumulates. Do NOT use the upholstery attachment since its teeth may snag the fabric and destroy your curtains.

Usage Of Products:

  • Wall Hanging
  • Door curtain
  • Window curtain
  • Affordable Gift etc.

Product Features: 

  • Color -Multi-color
  • Size : 120 cm X 200 Cm
  • Material : 100% Cotton / No lining
  • Beautiful Design
  • Comes with loop
  • Free Shipping Worldwide


    • Each Curtain has its unique imperfections due to handmade work.
    • As Curtain is handmade hence, please allow some size variation from mentioned measurement.
    • We have tried our best to present the actual picture but there can be differences in colors due to screen resolution, monitor setting, Mobile app use, viewing angle and other photographic elements.
    • As Curtain is hand screen printed so each piece can slightly vary.
    • Sometimes there may have some minor defects like unfastened fiber, imperfect edges or stain of color / dye, etc.
    • As these tapestries are hand dyed, color fastness is not Guarantee.


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