Multi-color Chindi Rag Rug Models

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Short Description: 

  • Dispatch in 2-3 Days
  • Color – Multi-color
  • Weight – 1000 grams
  • Popular Elements: Handmade
  • Dimension – 40 to 42 inches
  • Materials – Old, Recycled, Sari fabrics
  • Finished Edges
  • Shape – Round
  • Beautiful Design
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

For Wholesale Order:

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Usage Of Products:

  • Meditation Mat
  • Area Rug / Mat
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Sofa / Furniture cover
  • Baby Rug
  • Wall Tapestry / Throws / Bed decor
  • Affordable Gift etc.

Product Features: 

  • Color – Multi color
  • Weight – 1000 grams
  • Popular Elements: Handmade
  • Dimension – 40 to 42 inches
  • Materials – Old Fabric cuts & hand woven, Reversible Rug
  • Finished edges
  • Shape – Rectangular
  • Beautiful Design
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

How do you wash a rag rug?

    • Shake the dirt out of the rag rug. If you have a small rug in a small space, shake it onto the floor and sweep or vacuum up the dirt.
    • Vacuum a large rag rug as an alternative to shaking it or on a day-to-day basis to keep it clean. Turn it over and vacuum both sides.
    • Spot-clean any stains by blotting up as much of the liquid as you can with a rag or paper towel, sponging with mild soap and cool water until the stain comes out.
    • Wash small rag rugs in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Use cold water and mild soap and hang the rag rug to dry.
    • Clean the rug with dry-cleaning solution if you prefer not to machine-wash it. Spot-clean with commercial solution, available in supermarkets and pharmacies, according to the package directions. Work in one small section at a time.

Things You Will Need: 

    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Laundry spray cleaner
    • White vinegar
    • Mild detergent
    • Dry-cleaning solution
    • Sponge
    • Rag


    • If the rug has fringe, don’t vacuum the fringe, as it can get caught in the vacuum cleaner.
    • Don’t wash woven rugs any more than necessary. Repeated trips through the washing machine can loosen the weave.


    • As these items are handmade, actual sizes may vary slightly from above mentioned measurement.
    • We have tried our best to present the actual picture but there can be differences in colors due to screen resolution, monitor setting, viewing angle and photographic elements.
    • Patchwork varies from piece to piece.
    • As this is a handmade item so there may be thread coming out at few places, but do not worry. This will enhance the vintage feel of the piece
    • Above picture is for reference only. Recycled fabric cuts are used. So each piece is unique. You will get similar looking Rug

Note: Buy the best quality of Handmade Chindi Rag Rug which are made from vintage saree and recycled fabrics with multi-color. every Rag Rugs are differ in design due to handmade so image is visible only for references purpose.


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